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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Online reputation marketing is very important for any business and with more popularity on the internet; the business has the opportunity to achieve any possible targets. Simply having a site to mention in your business card in not enough to increase your business, there should be visitors coming in to your site, either through search engines or from your own promotions.

What is called as SEO and why we need it for our websites?

Search Engine Optimization in short SEO, is the tactics used by Seo North Melbourne company to get more traffic to your site and hence your business prospects. Google, yahoo, MSN, Bing etc are called Search engines, since they run as an engine and produce the results for the searches we do in them. Google is considered the most popular search engine and indeed it occupies nearly 80% of the searches in the internet. When your site is listed at the top for certain keywords in these search engines, you will have some automatic natural traffic coming in. Otherwise, you need to optimize your site’s visibility through using white hat techniques. This optimization tactics followed in order to optimize your site’s visibility in search engines are called Search engine optimization techniques (SEO).

SEO Experts and their various techniques:

Even though, there are many online and offline SEO companies available, you need to carefully select the best SEO experts among the many such available. While some SEO experts deal with both Online and offline optimization techniques, most of the people don’t know a clear picture of SEO in detail. They simply mention that they can optimize your site using black hat techniques. You get some temporary boost in traffic. But at long run these techniques will place yourself and your site near danger and would affect you a lot, instead of helping you.

There are no sure guidelines to optimize your site. Different SEO companies use different tactics to bring their best possible results. But generally, the whole SEO techniques have been cut down into three methods namely white hat seo, grey hat seo and black hat seo.

Difference between White hat, grey hat and Black hat SEO

White hat is considered the best optimizing techniques available in market and in this method, the SEO experts use real content, in order to boost their client’s visibility. According to these White hat believer, “Content is king” and so they use article directories and guest posting sites to post their promotion articles in them with few backlinks to the respective sites. They also use Blog commenting, social bookmarking, social medias etc to get real traffic to the site, which will stay with the site forever.

Whereas, black hat seo experts use some illegal techniques like cloaking, pop up windows etc. These methods violate search engine guidelines and once caught by them, the sites will be removed from their search engine listings. And grey hat seo involves usage of both white hat and black hat techniques Even though black hat seo techniques bring instant visitors and business prospects, it cannot guarantee them to stay with your site forever and might end up with you being by Search engines instead of getting promoted to the top.

Content creation policy used by many seo experts:

When article directories like ezinearticles, ehow have more content about your site or your product, then you have more chance to get traffic from them. So you can ask your SEO North Melbourne Experts to create unique content based upon your site and get them published on those sites. Guest posting sites will also be of some help for this purpose.

You might get notice of many content writing, copywriting, Rewriting projects posted on Freelance sites. This is because of the fact that search engines like Google prefers Quality content referring to your site, rather than a pop up page leading to your site. Even by last year, there was couple of big Google updates (Panda and Penguin) and those updates removed all the sites from its listings, which are having non unique and paid content

The market leader Rapid Seo:

Here comes our SEO Company, Rapid Seo. It is one of the best SEO companies available in the market and we provide white hat seo tactics to our clients. There are many SEO clients, who had 100% satisfaction with our work and stayed with us for regular reputation marketing of their sites. We are assuring our clients a 24/7 support and optimize sites using both online and offline methods

We provide regular reports to the clients about their site’s progress in search engines and it will be very handy, in order to be checked even by a person, who didn’t have much internet knowledge.

Great features of our SEO Company

While we get backlinks for your site, we look for much relevant sites to your niche. If those sites are not falling in the same niches as your site, your site will be getting negative impact over that backlink. Similarly, when we publish articles about your business on various article directories and Guest posting sites, we make sure that the content is high quality, unique and targeting certain key points to your products. Otherwise, the content will be of no good to your site and product.

With the increasing number of Facebook and Twitter fans, we have found a way to capitalize on that one and bring more visitors to our client’s sites. Putting Google Adword ads, Facebook and twitter ads on targeted audiences will definitely bring more visitors to you and your business. In this fashion, your blog or site will be getting quick and regular growth from search engines, social network and social medias.

Getting more traffic to your site will increase your business:

When your site gets more visitors through Optimizing methods, part of the incoming traffic will retain with you as your potential customers. By utilizing Newsletter feature and by constantly updating those visitors with your regular updates and offers, you can make them refer you to their friends too.

At the end, your business will grow many a ten folds, than what you have it in your mind or in your company’s vision.